Olympics Rio Ideas

Olympics Rio Ideas

Rio Olympic Theme - why are there so few Olympic events and Olympic celebrations taking place in the UK?

The Rio Olympic theming is a fabulous party idea with all the glamour and excitement of Rio, stunning sportsmanship. Overall August should be a fantastic party in London and around the world, but what has happened in the UK to dampen the party atmosphere of the Rio Olympic theme?

Theme Traders has seen a huge downfall in the events they are organizing for the Rio Olympics compared with the hundreds of events and the buzz of the London Olympics four years ago it is a sad affair, even the Olympic props and prop hire section is quiet.

Perhaps the party spirit was dampened by Brexit but, that should not be an excuse for us not to be supporting our talented teams and competitors on the journey on which that they have worked so hard to arrive.

Many of our beautiful Olympic Props are sitting despondently in our fabulous showrooms waiting for the the olympic parties spark to happen but there is not that much time left till the opening ceremony...

Surely it is time to think about having an Olympic styled party, Olympic celebrations rio 2016, complete with flaming torches, palm trees, limbo poles and fabulous Brazilian food cooked over a charcoal BBQ and served with Cachaca, which of course is Brazil's most famous liquor.

Enjoy learning the Lambada or Samba with fabulous Brazilian dancers and get ready to party in Rio....

Visit by appointment.... you can even see Bradley Wiggins original throne in our museum...

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