Olympics Rio Ideas

Olympics Rio Ideas

Rio Olympic Theme - why are there so few Olympic events and Olympic celebrations taking place in the UK?

The Rio Olympic theming is a fabulous party idea with all the glamour and excitement of Rio, stunning sportsmanship. Overall August should be a fantastic party in London and around the world, but what has happened in the UK to dampen the party atmosphere of the Rio Olympic theme?

Theme Traders has seen a huge downfall in the events they are organizing for the Rio Olympics compared with the hundreds of events and the buzz of the London Olympics four years ago it is a sad affair, even the Olympic props and prop hire section is quiet.

New Years Eve Parties - Top Tips

New years eve parties are here again.

Themetraders Top tips for a throwing a fabulous new years eve party:

Have a themed party, great new years eve themes give guests the opportunity to be creative, think Circus, with scantily dressed strongmen and beautiful girls dressed in trapeze outfits, leave the clowns to their own devices it will be the beauty and art of the circus that wins the day.
Star Wars is popular, darth vada bouncers, judo suits for the bar men and meet and greet Yodas, all set amongst star wars props,  Art deco is elegant and can also lend itself to copious champagne drinking and fabulous spiralling mirror balls hire reflecting the elegance of the era.

Party Ideas - Winter Wonderland

Party Ideas for Winter Wonderland,

...winter wonderland is again the leading theme for Christmas parties and events..

Theme Traders party ideas for Winter Wonderland this year include traditional Christmas decor with a 'Frozen' magical twist.
Many years of  Narnia props and decorations lead the way for a Winter Wonderland party, whether for children or adults, there is now a leaning towards the beautiful Disney film Frozen. Set in an icy world of perpetual winter, icicles,  snowy mountain backdrops, magical characters, Sven the reindeer, a snowman, a snow queen and other fantastically costumed characters, this theme is perfect for a Christmas party.

Top tips - winter wonderland party ideas include us always creating a wow factor.. think about:

Dry ice effect as guests enter,
Glittering icicles,
Chill out area with white seating
Magical snowflakes moving around the area,
Ice queens and silvery sleighs,
...and if for adults don't forget the Fabulous ice bars with creative mixologists,

ice bar

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Party Ideas - Studio 54

Party Ideas for Studio 54, 

...which seems to be rearing its head as a top theme for Christmas parties and events..

Theme Traders Party ideas for studio 54 props and theme include glittering studio 54 sign against stunning black starcloths for behind the stage. Dance cages for the girls, who, at the High time of Studio 54 were seen in no more than a sprinkling of gold paint.. the mainstay was a fabulous moon carved to perfection with its very own face shining down on all the guests and stars who frequented this amazing New York club.

Party Ideas - Halloween

Halloween parties revisit all that is spooky in your life...

The best Halloween parties are created from your imagination going wild..
..pumpkins and cauldrons are just not enough, think huge blood pumping corpses supplying wine to guests from their twisted broken intestines, clowns faces, discolored and graying as if in an ancient fairground, looming down on you, slime flavored candy floss in green served by a creature from the underworld.
halloween parties performers
Walk into the vaults where flaming torches light up the massive skulls filling the area are trampled on by the walking dead, who approach you and immerse you in the wondrous tales from the grave...

Check out the halloween video for inspiration for the best halloween party planning and halloween party ideas....Themetraders can make your imagination come to life this Halloween, visit our immersive showrooms a London attraction of the coolest kind - by appointment only..
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